Monday, May 15, 2017

If you can Dream it I can write It !

In today's post I want to share with you my experience with nature and how it inspires me. I am that kind of person that loves nature so much and everything natural I'm obssessed with, I'm simply in LOVE with .
I took this picture and I was just agape . The beauty of this little insect speacks well . In our daily life we might come across a lot of beautifull things that can absolutely change our life or maybe just our mood without giving that much attention. That's why I really love taking some shots of every kind of nature ( sky, trees, roses and flowers,..) because it really inspires me and gives me some hope and some happiness so I can see that the world is full of beautifull things.
 We just need to open our eyes and appreciate what is around and then beauty will come out from everywhere!
I know that we are all diffirent that's why I suggest to look deep inside you and figure out what is the most important things that could help you to feel good to be positive and to just be happy it could be fashion, photography, maybe cooking but for sure something out there will be helpfull for you. Work on It believe in yourself and success will be on the way .
I hope you guys a lot of happiness and I'm so thankfull for your comments and support on my latest posts especially xoxo
Ps: I’m not so concerned with numbers or shares or followers.  I write because I love writing and It's a way for me to go out from my little word and I share parts of my life, my feelings, my loves and 
everything I find interesting !

Friday, May 12, 2017

a blank  page in front of my eyes,

I send you my words even if they will not be read, but first of all I want to show some love for my white paper wich I always find by my side…

It tears me up inside I didn’t want to say this, but It’s true. I wish that I could take it back and fix it all instead of ruining our lives and breaking each other heart . I cannot afford to lose someone like you and I can never intend to hurt the most beautiful soul in this universe that I loved from the deepest of my heart. Unfortunately, I lost my self in all those fights I lost my sense of wrong and right. You are the reason why I became like this and in the other side you taught me how to be tough , You taught me how to be strong but I can’t do it now , I’m tired of crying I am tired of being tired and my tears are running down like razorblades and I’m trying to hold them I’m trying … but you already know that I can't !   

Sunday, May 7, 2017

I write to the the one who never read and I cry and no one will ever know, I show up my smile but my tears were all the way kept in my heart.. I’m waiting for you even if you don’t care I’m trying to find you an excuse 10 and 70 and 200 of excuses but finally I don’t think that there’s something out there that gonna stop you, from showing, from sending a letter or maybe just two words or a call a fake one but just a notification from you will be enough. Nothing of that will happen but I keep waiting for the one who’s not even aware of my presence. I expected a lot from you but not letting me down not pushing me away and not leaving me alone. I gave you my heart do you know that means? It means you had my heart between your hands and I followed you closing my eyes because I trusted you because I’m the closest to your heart you felt with me that special feeling that you never had with someone else these are your words I’m I wrong ? you said that I don’t have to compare myself to someone else you said that you love me so I deserve you I’m the most one that have the right to be with you to feel you to see you to just have you by my side... With every single breeze I wish I could fly and just be in your arms, with every rainfall I wish I could disappear from this earth because it’s just to much for me to support all this pain. I tried to keep a lot for me I tried to hide my tears but I’m done . 

Saturday, May 6, 2017


This beautiful feeling, that makes us feel like the most happier person on this earth actually , we live with it we feel it all over the day when we wake up until we sleep, I’m not talking about love between two lovers especially but I’m talking generaly about it  . but it’s true that loving someone makes us believe that there’s no more other chance to fall in love with someone else and we just keeping loving the same person more and more. Love is good love is beautiful love is wonderful love is in the air love hurts and it hurts so much love break hearts and makes eyes cry all over the night love take happiness and give it at the same time but in differents situations. That’s why we have to learn to forget and to clean our minds from all the bad things and keep only the good ones .. if only it was that simple ..

Friday, May 5, 2017

Sunset !

Sunset !

While taking this picture i was thinking of you , of us , about our memories all of that it’s like the sunset it disappeared when you’re gone because you was my sun you used to light up my darkest days . your love change the weather but now you Took everything with you qnd nothing is the same , but you know I believe that everything could change excpect a heart that really loved and who really love you will miss you will suffer in your absence and will do the impossible to talk with you just who really love you .


The power of silence

silence can hold more meaning than words .It has power to make a heartless person love and an innocent victim  is much more powerful than words because it takes effort to keep. It is not only about closing your mouth. It is about taking in others actions or words, thinking about them, formulating an answer, criticizing that answer, searching for logic from your mind and reason from your heart and then, convincing yourself that no saying  the answer is better. Silence is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of faith that replying in the same manner that you were treats with will only make you just as ignorant.Learn to be an observer, a deep one, who reflects not only his or her mistakes, but also on the mistakes of others.

If you can Dream it I can write It !

In today's post I want to share with you my experience with nature and how it inspires me. I am that kind of person that loves natu...