Sunday, May 7, 2017

I write to the the one who never read and I cry and no one will ever know, I show up my smile but my tears were all the way kept in my heart.. I’m waiting for you even if you don’t care I’m trying to find you an excuse 10 and 70 and 200 of excuses but finally I don’t think that there’s something out there that gonna stop you, from showing, from sending a letter or maybe just two words or a call a fake one but just a notification from you will be enough. Nothing of that will happen but I keep waiting for the one who’s not even aware of my presence. I expected a lot from you but not letting me down not pushing me away and not leaving me alone. I gave you my heart do you know that means? It means you had my heart between your hands and I followed you closing my eyes because I trusted you because I’m the closest to your heart you felt with me that special feeling that you never had with someone else these are your words I’m I wrong ? you said that I don’t have to compare myself to someone else you said that you love me so I deserve you I’m the most one that have the right to be with you to feel you to see you to just have you by my side... With every single breeze I wish I could fly and just be in your arms, with every rainfall I wish I could disappear from this earth because it’s just to much for me to support all this pain. I tried to keep a lot for me I tried to hide my tears but I’m done . 


  1. sometimes the best options is letting go.. living carefree is better than living emotionally drained! i wish you the best! :)

    1. yes merry you're defenetly right thank you so much for your comment <3

  2. Beautiful words, so full of pain, a strong human emotion. Yes sometimes it's best to let go.

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